Citation Searching Tips

Searching Tips:

  1. Citation searching isn't available on InCite.
  2. However, you can search for a case using the syntax [party name w/3 other party name] or [vol. # pre/3 starting page number] or [vol. # pre/3 reporter abbreviation].
  3. So, for example, for Jones v. Septa, 565 Pa. 211, 772 A.2d 435, the following searches will get you the case:

a. Jones pre/3 Septa (or Jones w/3 Septa if you don't know which name comes first)
b. 565 pre/3 211
c. 565 pre/3 Pa.
d. 772 pre/3 435
e. 772 pre/3 A.2d

Additional search tips available under the InCite help.