Section 301 Bylaws

Section 301. Composition of the House of Delegates.

(a) The House of Delegates shall be composed of the following Active Members and Student Members of the Association:

(1) The General Officers of the Association.

(2) The other members of the Board of Governors.

(2.1) The president of each Local Bar Association or the nominee of the president who shall be a member of that Local Bar Association.

(3) One additional Member from each Zone for every 100 Active Members of the Association whose primary location on file with the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts is located in that particular zone.

(4) One additional Member from each Zone in which every Local Bar Association has adopted the Unit Plan of Membership.

(5) The living former Presidents and the five living former Chairs of the House of Delegates who have most recently held office as Chair.

(6) The living former Secretary and former Treasurer of the Association who have most recently held such offices.

(7) The Delegates representing the Sections.

(8) Other former Chairs of the House of Delegates.

(9) Other former Members of the Board who have held such office within the immediately preceding three Association Years.

(10) The Pennsylvania State Delegate to the House of Delegates of the American Bar Association.

(11) The Attorney General of Pennsylvania.

(12) The Court Administrator of Pennsylvania.

(13) The deans of the Pennsylvania Law Schools and also former deans of Pennsylvania Law Schools as long as they maintain membership in the Association.

(14) One additional Member from each Zone appointed as a Young Lawyer Zone Delegate under Section 904 of the Bylaws.

(15) One registered Student Member of each accredited Pennsylvania law school as designated by the Student Members registered at that school.

(16) Each former president of the American Bar Association

(b) The House of Delegates may also include one representative (who is an Active Member of the Association and who is not otherwise a voting member of the House of Delegates) appointed by any statewide organization of attorneys, which organization is approved by the House of Delegates and which has at a minimum one hundred members of the Bar of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, one or more of whom practice in each Zone.