Section 501 Bylaws

Section 501. Number and Qualifications of Officers.

(a) The General Officers of the Association shall be a President, a President Elect, Vice President, a Chair of the House of Delegates, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.

(b) The Board of Governors may appoint and prescribe the duties, authority and compensation of an Executive Director, one or more Assistant Secretaries, and one or more Assistant Treasurers, each of whom shall hold office at the pleasure of the Board.

(c) All officers shall be Members of the Association. No Chair of the House, Secretary or Treasurer may be nominated for election as a general officer by the Nominating Committee, or by petition, during the period for which the Chair, Secretary or Treasurer was elected or appointed. The General Officers of the Association shall not be eligible for reelection in the same position, other than the Secretary and Treasurer. Neither the Secretary nor the Treasurer shall be eligible to serve more than three successive one year terms.