Section 685 Bylaws

Section 685. Law Student Division.

(a) The Law Student Division shall take as its province the organization of the Student Members of this Association as defined in Section 201(6)(relating to Student Member) so that they may cooperate for the betterment of the profession, and for the advancement of the aims and work of the Association. The Division shall encourage more active participation in the Association by developing strong professional ties early in a legal career. It shall strive to foster a thorough understanding of the professional legal association, encourage active association participation and develop ongoing legal educational efforts.

(b) The bylaws of the Division, as adopted by it after approved by the Board of Governors, may provide for (i) meetings of the Division from time to time, (ii) officers, subdivisions and committees, (iii) dues for its members and such other matters as are required to effectuate its purposes. It shall cooperate, as fully as may be, with corresponding divisions of national or local organizations as is appropriate.

(c) The Division shall make an annual report to the House of its activities, and shall make such special reports as the House or the Board may direct.