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PBA InCite
PBA and LexisNexis® provide InCite®, a customized legal research program, as a free member benefit. InCite combines the quality and reliability of LexisNexis services with PBA's commitment to supporting lawyers in their practices. For research or technical assistance call (877) 516-8252, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday. Refer to account ID PABARID2.

InCite's free features include:

  • Combined court searches
  • Appellate cases from all states for the past five years
  • All Circuit Court cases for the past five years
  • Pennsylvania Supreme Court cases, 1791 to present
  • Pennsylvania Superior Court cases, 1895 to present
  • U.S. Third Circuit cases, 1995 to present
  • U.S. Supreme Court Case Law, 1790 to present
  • Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court cases, Oct. 1970 to present
  • Unannotated Pennsylvania statutes, the U.S. Code, and federal & Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court rules
  • Table of Contents for statutes
  • Copy w/Cite feature
  • Book Browse
  • Floating Pagination
  • And much more. …

You can also get more robust research at a low cost:

  • Shepard's® Citations reports, available for $15.00 each, help you quickly validate your research by providing relevant cases, statutes, secondary sources and annotations that cite your authority. View sample
  • Annotated Version of a case, available for $9.00 each, provides a case summary written by LexisNexis Attorney Editors, and Core Concepts which point out the main points of law in the court's own language. View sample
  • LexisNexis by Credit Card

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