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Important Changes Enhancing Website/InCite Access
As a PBA member you can access your "My Dashboard" page on the PBA website, your one-stop online location for administering your PBA member account. To reach your personal dashboard, click on the MEMBER LOGIN link at the upper right of this page and log in, or, if already logged in, click on the MEMBER DASHBOARD link at the upper right of this or any page on the website. Due to recent security upgrades, the following changes have been made affecting access to the website and to PBA members-only material:
• You must include www in the URL for the website; this ensures your access to secure areas of the website, including the InCite free legal research program and the PBA Store.
• Your login username and password are case-sensitive. Click here for more information, including login reminders for current, returning and new members.
• If you click on the InCite free legal research program icon at right before you log in to the members-only area of the website, you will be prompted to log in. Upon successful login you can then click through to enter InCite as usual or, if you wish, update your member profile and/or change your password.
• Be sure that the PBA is "whitelisted" on your computer. By "whitelisting" the PBA, you ensure that you receive important member notices and updates by email. Read more about the "whitelisting" process.
Board Endorses Section Resolution on Proposed Federal Tax Change
The PBA Board of Governors, meeting Jan. 29, approved the PBA Business Law Section resolution opposing any federal measures requiring that law firms and other personal-service businesses using the cash-receipts-and-disbursements method of accounting convert to the accrual method of accounting in computing taxable income. The board took the action in lieu of the PBA House of Delegates, as the PBA Legislative Relations Department had been advised by the American Bar Association that the U.S. Senate Finance Committee had requested January comment on a draft Senate tax reform bill. Read the PBA resolution. Read the ABA letter of Jan. 13 on this subject to the leaders of the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee.

Preservation Walk
PBA members can help preserve the association's historic buildings in Harrisburg by purchasing an engraved stone in the PBA Preservation Walk. Get the project brochure and order form.

PBA Constitutional
Review Commission Report
The PBA's Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) has issued a report recommending ways to improve state government. All PBA members, committees and sections are encouraged to read the report and take appropriate follow-up action. Click here for more information; click here for the CRC website.
Online Access to the Lawyer Magazine
PBA members have online access to The Pennsylvania Lawyer magazine in PDF and e-dition formats. Misplaced a back issue of the magazine? Retrieve it online using your PBA member login. Not a PBA member and want to read what you're missing, click here for the latest e-dition of the magazine. In order to link to websites listed in the e-dition, pop-up blocker has to be turned off. If you are a lawyer practicing in Pennsylvania and are interested in joining or rejoining the PBA, check out the benefits and join the PBA now.
PBA Young Lawyers Support 'Wills for Heroes' Program for Police, First Responders
The Young Lawyers Division co-sponsors the "Wills for Heroes" program in Pennsylvania. Through the support of volunteer lawyers, "Wills for Heroes" provides free wills and other estate-planning documents for police, firefighters and emergency medical personnel who risk their lives every day for the safety of their fellow citizens. Click here for more program information, including a list of upcoming events across the commonwealth.

Lawyer Dispute Resolution Program Revised
The Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee has announced the recent revision of the rules and procedures of the Lawyer Dispute Resolution Program (LDRP), which provides a process for resolving disputes within the legal community without the need to resort to litigation. Click here for links to the updated LDRP documents and forms. Click here for general information on the program.
Contacting or Becoming an Advertiser in PBA Publications
Click here for the online list of and links to display advertisers featured in the latest issue of The Pennsylvania Lawyer magazine. Click here for the online list of classified ads. Would-be display advertisers, click here for information about getting your ad in PBA publications. For information on placing a classified ad, contact Sarah Germak at 800-932-0311, ext. 2226, or Sarah.Germak@pabar.org.

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